May 27, 2016

The Engagement Ring Shopping Cycle

New research just released by The Knot states that the average person takes almost 3 ½ months, shops at four different retailers, and spends more than $7,000 to find their perfect engagement ring. But what really makes up this emotional, time consuming and exciting (and expensive!) time in your life?

It All Starts with Research
The survey states that while taking several months and shopping around at different locations – a groom looks at more than 20 different ring styles in all. He spends hours (and weeks) researching brands, technical diamond information and designs online, and in the end, almost 20% will actually bring along their bride-to-be at some point during the shopping process in order to find out what she likes.

Sound daunting? Luckily for bride and grooms-to-be, most Kirk Freeport brands have great online websites that make it easy for you to do your research (and in secret)! You can find all the Kirk Freeport jewelry brands here

Choosing Where to Buy It
While most research is conducted online, and many websites are equipped to handle e-commerce sales, a majority of grooms are still buying the ring in actual brick and mortar stores.

Why? According to the study, 69% said they wanted to see the ring in person, 35% were concerned about customer service, and 33% wanted the special attention.

Did you find your perfect ring online from one of our brands but it’s not in our stores? Our sales associates can special order any ring and bring in it for you tax and duty-free!

But How Much to Spend?
Most brides end up with a ring between $5,000-$12,000, but there are always higher and lower options. In the end, you should spend what makes you comfortable and helps you to get the ring of your dream.

Choosing the Ring Style
If you refer back to my first point here, paying attention to hints from your bride-to-be or asking her what she wants can be the best way to ensure you make a good choice. Or, you can always ask her family or friends. But don’t fret if she wants something unique! Almost half of people who buy rings make custom changes to a ring they choose.

We always have a wide selection of traditional and modern styles in stock, but we can also help you create the perfect custom engagement ring. You can choose your own loose diamond, and a custom setting you love. Our team are on hand to give as much (or as little) guidance and support as you want too.

(This post originally appeared on and has been adapted for this blog)



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