Kirk Freeport opened the Cayman Islands Cartier boutique in 1997, offering the best selection of Cartier jewelry and watches in the Grand Cayman. However, this prestigious luxury brand has been producing jewelry and watches for discerning clients, including the likes of King Edward VII and Kate Middleton, since 1847.

The boutique moved from Cardinall Avenue to a new and exciting location in Bayshore Mall, in November 2019.

From Crowns to Wristwatches, Cartier Delivers Excellence

Cartier has a rich history that began in Paris, France with the master jeweler, Louis-Francis Cartier. From there, his sons furthered their father’s bold legacy and the empire began to attract international attention from the world’s most elite.

Over time, Cartier’s style has adapted global influences and modern tastes, but at its heart, this world-famous brand remains one that is recognized as the elite’s go-to for inspired accessories. Customers who take the time to carefully consider Cartier’s unique array of jewelry, fashionable goods and wristwatches will see that each piece is the embodiment of elegance, craftsmanship and fearlessness.

The Cartier Panther

Cartier’s dedication to pushing the limits is represented by the Panther, which has been the iconic representation of the brand since the early 20th century.

Come to Kirk Freeport to see Cartier’s nods to this astonishing creature throughout many of its thoughtful designs – be it the recreation of the unmistakable spots through multi-coloured diamonds or the perfect placement of the cat’s likeness on a striking purse.

Cartier Jewelry

Cartier offers a wonderful selection of jewelry for all occasions. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring that will take your fiancé’s breath away or you want to secure the famous Cartier bracelet to complement every outfit, you’ll find high-quality diamonds, gold and other precious gems woven into truly spectacular pieces.

Cartier Watches and Accessories

If you’re visiting Kirk Freeport Plaza Ltd. for something other than dazzling jewelry, but you still want the perfect addition to your wardrobe, you’ll find men’s and women’s watches that are as timeless as they are legendary.

Cartier’s creative spirit extends to leather goods, eyewear and accessories for both women and men. So, if you want to set yourself apart as a discerning buyer, explore the Cayman Islands Cartier Boutique and find yourself surrounded by one of the world’s best-known and most celebrated luxury brands.