March 13, 2019

Duty Free Shopping In Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, particularly from the United States and Europe. In addition to the beaches, coral reefs and abundant marine life for which the islands are so famous, duty free shopping ranks as a major attraction for tourists and visitors alike. In fact, cruise ships dock in George Town specifically so their guests can enjoy abundant duty-free shopping in Grand Cayman.

What Is Duty Free Shopping in Grand Cayman?

Because shopping in Grand Cayman is duty-free, tourists can enjoy significant savings – sometimes as much as 30 percent – on items such as fine jewelry , perfume, watches, crystal, liquor, wine, clothing and china. And don’t forget to select a few, more unusual pieces made from caymanite, the semi-precious stone unique to the Cayman Islands.

Are There Retail Sales Tax in Grand Cayman?

In addition to duty-free pricing, there is no sales tax in Grand Cayman. Duty free is another way of saying tax-free. Although Grand Cayman does charge import duty on most goods coming in, certain luxury goods – such as jewelry, watches, alcohol, clothing and more – are both duty and sales tax free. This means they can be bought at a much lower price than in either the Unites States or Europe.

Is Duty-Free Shopping Worth It?

Absolutely – duty-free shopping can provide shoppers with savings of up to 30% on retail items, including luxury goods. For higher-priced items such as jewelry, high-end cosmetics, leather goods, crystal and china, this can result in significant savings.

Buying Duty Free Alcohol in Grand Cayman

You will find good discounts on wine, beer and rum – as well as on some specialty drinks – at most wholesale retailers and liquor stores. You might even find attractive offers on rare wine and vintage champagne at some of the bigger, more reputable stores.

As an added convenience, most wine merchants stay open late during the week, and follow normal business hours on a Saturday. Following a revision of the laws governing alcohol sales in October 2018, liquor stores, convenience shops and gas stations can now sell alcohol on Sundays between 1pm and 7pm.

Bringing Home Duty Free Alcohol from The Cayman Islands

The total value of all goods a US citizen may take home duty free, (including alcohol, cigars, arts & crafts, and souvenirs) is $800. This allowance can be pooled with other family members. American citizens over the age of 21 are allowed to bring up to two liters of alcohol home with them, duty-free, but the total value forms part of the overall $800 limit. Anything over two liters must be declared and will then be subject to duty.

Rum cake is also duty free, but there is no limit as to how much of this delicious treat you can bring back!

Buying Duty Free Cigars and Tobacco in Grand Cayman

US citizens over the age of 21 may bring up to 100 cigars back with them from their holiday in Grand Cayman, as long as the cigars are for personal consumption, and the total value falls within their overall duty limit of $800.

Buying Duty Free Jewelry and Watches in Grand Cayman

Thanks to Grand Cayman’s duty-free pricing, it is the ideal destination to shop for luxury jewelry and watches.

George Town has many Kirk Freeport stores, located in the Bayshore Mall or on Cardinall Avenue, offering a wide range of precious and other gemstones, and jewelry from Bvlgari , Cartier and Gucci among many others. They also stock one of the largest Rolex collections in the world. In Seven Mile beach, try Kirk Freeport at the Strand Shopping Centre or Kirk Freeport at the Ritz-Carlton.

Buying Duty Free Leather Goods in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a haven for high-end luggage and leather goods that can be purchased duty-free.

Kirk Freeport has a wide selection of exquisite leather handbags, belts and luggage from sought after designers such as Chopard, Cartier, Longchamp and Fendi. Visit the Kirk Leather shop on Cardinall Avenue in George Town to see their complete inventory of quality leather goods.

Buying Duty Free China and Crystal in Grand Cayman

There is a wide choice of magnificent crystal and china pieces available from Kirk Freeport stores. You’ll find items from Baccarat, Wedgewood, Swarovski and Waterford, among others. Make sure to also look out for the Lalique and Lladro stingrays, unique to the Cayman Islands.

Duty Free Shopping in Grand Cayman at Kirk Freeport

During your next visit to Grand Cayman, be sure to visit Kirk Freeport. Kirk Freeport has been a premier retailer of duty-free jewelry, watches, fragrances, leather, crystal, china, and other accessories in the Cayman Islands since 1972. Owned by the Kirkconnell family, local business and community leaders for six generations, Kirk Freeport is recognized as a world-class marketplace by international designers and manufacturers of high-quality merchandise. The company has 22 stores in Grand Cayman, and stocks the widest range of duty-free products in the Caribbean.



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