If you believe life should be lived in colour – bright, bold colours – visit the Del Sol at Kirk Freeport to discover something truly different. Del Sol is distinguished from all other brands by its proprietary Spectrachrome technology that causes its clothing and accessories to change colours in the sun. A product from this store, which despite its creative twist still retains a high-quality feel, is surely to be a crowd pleaser.

Get twice the looks with Del Sol

The vibe of island living is one visit to Del Sol away. Whether you want a casual tee-shirt, a beach cover-up or a great pair of sunglasses, you’ll take the beach by storm with the creativity specific to Del Sol products.

Del Sol incorporates innovative technology and clever design principles, so your wardrobe will go from fashionable to wow as soon as they’re exposed to sun. Watch as the artistic designs you’re wearing are transformed with hidden colours and designs – it will be a talking piece wherever you go!

Find Creativity and Quality at Del Sol

Del Sol products are not just a kitschy knick-knack that you’ll wear once. This brand prides itself on creating high-quality goods. Not only do the products incorporate extremely innovative science, such as molecular excitation and a sunscreen sensor, but these products are guaranteed for life. Even on a cloudy day, Del Sol’s special formula for colour change will retain your clothing and accessories’ ability to make a vibrant change.

Del Sol Accessories

A successful beach day requires many things, and you’ll find the majority of them at Del Sol. Whether you want to stay sun safe with a great pair of shades and hat or you want nail polish with pizazz, you will find a ton of different styles that suit your unique personality. Don’t stop there, grab a new beach bag and fill it with fun toys that change colour as you play in the surf and sand.

You have a bright personality, so why not show it off with unique products from Del Sol? Visit Kirk Freeport to explore this one-of-a-kind vendor and get set for a beach season where you’re the centre of attention.