December 19, 2019

Shopping in Grand Cayman

More than just stunning views, white sand beaches and an escape in paradise – those visiting Grand Cayman can take advantage of unmatched shopping opportunities during their getaway. Whether you’re on the hunt for a luxury watch or timepiece, beautiful, locally made products and goods or duty-free cosmetics and perfume, there is something for everyone to commemorate their trip to Grand Cayman. Here’s a look at what you need to know about shopping in Grand Cayman.

 Shopping in Grand Cayman Near Cruise Ports

Shopping in Grand Cayman is a main attraction for visitors. The three ports in Grand Cayman are intimately close together and a wide range of stores, malls, and shopping centers are well within walking distance. The Bayshore Mall is the nearest major shopping facility when visitors come ashore. It is widely considered one of, if not the premier shopping center in the entire Caribbean.

A good tip for travellers to keep in mind, is that George Town can get quite busy with cruise ship passengers, so it’s best to try and get some shopping done in this area after 3pm or on Saturdays when shopping is much quieter.

Shopping in Grand Cayman on Sunday

It’s important for visitors to keep in mind that many of the best shops are closed on Sundays. Visitors can anticipate limited shopping opportunities, such as hotel souvenir and gift shops. Restaurants and grocery stores are generally open, as well. If you are interested in taking full advantage of duty-free luxury shopping in Grand Cayman, it’s essential to plan for Sunday closures.

What Are the Top Clothes and Retail Shopping Opportunities?

Grand Cayman shoppers enjoy a wide range of clothing options that range from formal wear to island casual. Some highlights include some of the stores and boutiques on Seven Mile Beach, including the boutiques at the Ritz-Carlton and The Westin. In downtown George Town, Blue Wave Lifestyle Wear and Surf Shops ranks among the go-to beachwear outlets. You can also find exquisite leather handbags and accessories at Kirk Freeport stores throughout the island.

Where is the Best Luxury and Upscale Shopping in Grand Cayman?

The duty- and tax-free shopping opportunities in Grand Cayman allow visitors to select the world’s top luxury items without added costs. Perhaps the most prominent boutiques for select high-end items are located at the Bayshore Mall. Along with foods from delicious eateries, the Bayshore Mall’s highly regarded shops include Lalique, Island Dress Code, La Parfumerie, and the flagship location of Kirk Freeport. This luxury boutique carries the world’s most revered brands of watches and jewelry.

Outside of the Bayshore Mall, quality shoppers can find Kirk Freeport locations in George Town on Cardinall Ave., Harbour Drive, as well as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Westin, and The Strand Shopping Mall at Seven Mile Beach. Kirk Freeport hosts an extensive selection of luxury and upscale shopping, carrying world-renowned brands such as Gucci, Rolex, Cartier and more.

What Should I buy in Grand Cayman?

While visitors can purchase many of their favorite items in Grand Cayman, the opportunity to select high-end luxury items such as duty-free jewelry and unique, locally-crafted products proves rewarding. Caymanite necklaces and jewelry have become popular keepsakes when visiting Grand Cayman. These beautiful items are often hand-crafted by local artisans and are a special reminder of your visit.

What are the Best Shopping Areas in Grand Cayman?

There’s little disagreement that downtown George Town and Seven Mile Beach are home to the most robust shopping on the island. It may be in your best interest to keep your wallet or purse tight until you stroll down Harbour Drive, Cardinall Avenue, and peruse the Bayshore Mall. There are a wealth of excellent boutiques in George Town.

Seven Mile Beach has earned a world-class reputation for luxurious hotels, spas, restaurants, and ocean activities. Top-rated hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton and others have high-end, duty-free boutiques on site. There are also trendy outlets such as the Funky Monkey, and beachwear shops lining the sidewalks. The Strand has many of the finest luxury shops, such as a Kirk Freeport.

What You Need to Know About Souvenir and Tourist Shopping in Grand Cayman

As an internationally recognized tourist destination, there are stand-alone souvenir shops and items sold within malls and hotels, among others. Many visitors favor locally-crafted items such as pottery and foods. Caymanite ranks among the most sought-after type of island jewelry. Local artisans and artists generally sell their wares at The Craft Market in George Town, as well as intimate boutiques in George Town.

For more upscale souvenirs to commemorate your trip, Kirk Freeport stores offer an outstanding selection of luxury goods including, leather purses, handbags, watches, jewelry, diamonds and more.

What Currency Should I use in Grand Cayman?

The official currency used is the Cayman Islands Dollar. As an international leisure destination, businesses in Grand Cayman generally accept the U.S. dollar as well. It’s essential to know that the CI dollar runs about $1.25 to $1 American. It’s also good to note that you may receive your change back in $CI. You may need to use your phone calculator because most prices are posted in Cayman Islands amounts. Visitor credit cards are usually charged based on the U.S. dollar, as well.

What Is Duty-Free Shopping in Grand Cayman?

In the simplest of terms, duty-free shopping provides shoppers an opportunity to purchase often expensive products at a significantly reduced cost. Because certain taxes are not leveled against products sold in Grand Cayman, visitors can buy highly sought-after luxury items at a fraction of the price at home. Many visitors focus on otherwise expensive jewelry, watches, perfumes, clothing, handbags, and designer items. Duty-free shopping in Grand Cayman means visitors enjoy substantial cost savings on the world’s finest products and brand names.

Top Shopping Areas in Grand Cayman

The overall shopping experience is both robust and financially rewarding for Cayman Island visitors. You can anticipate an abundance of niche shops and excellent prices on top-tier jewelry, perfumes, and fashion, among others.

Shopping in Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach has a long-standing reputation for international brands sold duty-free as well as locally-made goods that include soaps, tasty baked goods, and jams, among others. Don’t hesitate to walk into hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton or Westin for the exclusive purpose of shopping in their boutiques. Be sure to visit Kirk Freeport at the Strand Shopping Mall for high quality,

Shopping in George Town

Lastly, downtown George Town rivals any shopping area in the world. From high-end jewelry and watches to the latest fashion wear or perfume, it’s difficult to imagine more famous luxury brands being sold duty-free anywhere else. For luxury goods at duty-free pricing, visit Kirk Freeport at the Bayshore Mall in George Town.



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