If you’re looking for truly unique jewellery, homeware and fragrances, visit the Cayman Islands’ only Lalique store and discover the brilliance and beauty of this world-renowned Parisian craftsman. Located within the high-end Bayshore Mall, this luxury Kirk Freeport boutique is a must-see for shoppers with discerning taste and an eye for one-of-a-kind designs.

Rene Lalique: Art Nouveau Master Jeweller Turned Art Deco Master Glassmaker

Walk into Kirk Freeport’s brightly lit boutique and experience how the light reflects off the stunning designs that continue to pay homage to Rene Lalique. Originally a jeweller, who was commissioned by famous actresses and elite families, to craft truly astounding pieces, this independent French designer cultivated recognition of his talent by working with some of the world’s greatest jewelry houses, including Cartier and Boucheron.

By incorporating bold colours and innovative designs, Lalique’s fame as a jeweller quickly led to opportunities to work as a craftsman of homeware and functional decorative pieces. By creating jewellery and glassware people had never seen before, he then caught the attention of Francois Coty who pleaded with the young designer to turn his talents toward perfume making. Together, they bottled beautiful scents within equally attractive designs.

All the imaginative elements of Lalique’s infamous and impressive career are waiting for you inside the Kirk Freeport Lalique Store at the Bayshore Mall in Grand Cayman.

A French Luxury and Lifestyle Brand in Grand Cayman

Whether you are looking for costume or fine jewelry, cufflinks or ladies’ accessories, you will recognize Lalique’s passion in each piece you take the time to explore. Find necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that will absolutely dazzle everyone you encounter on vacation, and when you return home.

Our Lalique store also offers a wide range of perfumes that boast seductive and sophisticated scents. Best of all, these well-crafted perfumes make the perfect gift because – true to Lalique’s legacy – their designs incredibly aesthetically appealing.

Lalique’s homeware collections are not for the faint of heart: his vases, candleholders, clocks and ornaments are meant to be the centre of attention – no matter where they are featured in a room.

Discover Beauty That Only the Island Itself Can Rival

Bayshore Mall is located just steps from the beautiful waterfront in George Town, so after a day at the beach, come visit our dedicated staff and find the perfect addition to your collection of sophisticated pieces.