The smell of the sea and sand may have brought you to George Town, but if you’re looking for an elevated selection of scents and beauty products, visit La Parfumerie on Cardinall Avenue. We have carefully crafted a selection of the world’s top design houses to ensure our elite clientele can browse 20 of the best beauty brands – all conveniently located under one stylish roof.

Indulge Yourself During Your George Town Vacation

Shop in the duty-free paradise, La Parfumerie, to uncover the island’s most extensive and exclusive range of beauty products. From deeply fortifying skincare products through to bright and bold colour palettes, you will find everything you need to extend your vacation glow, long after you step off the plane.

Only Our Exceptional Service May Rival Our Product Selection

When you visit La Parfumerie, we don’t just want you to purchase your old familiars and get on your way. Our beauty specialists look forward to supporting you to find the best-possible products for your inner- and outer-beauty needs.

About La Parfumerie II Makeovers

Your makeover will give us the opportunity to show you how to apply your new luxury products in ways that accentuate and compliment your features. Whether you want a natural look or you’re aiming to stop traffic, our specialists will be able to recommend expert techniques that will help you achieve your goals.

Book an Appointment and Enhance Your Natural Beauty

To ensure we’re able to give you the time and attention you deserve, please book your makeover appointment ahead of time. When you come in for your makeover, we will help you pick out beauty brands that we can use during your appointment. From daytime elegance to special event glamour, we have everything you’ll need to rival the island’s aesthetic appeal.
If you’re not interested in a makeover, but you need to build upon your current beauty regiment, we are excited to treat you to an unrivaled shopping experience in the Cayman Islands at La Parfumerie and La Parfumerie II on Cardinall Avenue.